These Haircut Trends Will be Big This Spring/Summer

Spring has officially spring, and new haircut trends are blooming accordingly. These trending hairstyles are a pretty big switch up from the popular looks of this past autumn winter, too. We saw clients that had no choice but to let their hair grow out during the pandemic, letting their lengths grow out and colour fade or roots grow because they simply didn’t have a choice. Now, everyone is looking to switch things up, and booking a trip to the salon is one of the easiest ways to jumpstart the process (and finally say goodbye to winter). We are seeing a surge in people wanting a big change to feel fresh and we couldn’t be happier. Fresh is definitely the right word for these trends, even if some of them look like they are coming straight out of the 70s. From dramatic chops to micro fringe, these haircuts are all about embracing the playful side of things, and this vibe shift might be exactly what we’ve been craving all pandemic long. If that sounds like you, scroll on for some haircut inspo to get you started.
70s inspired volume

Big news: the iconic 70s layered look is officially making a comeback this year and this cut is popular request for good reason. Layers are customisable, add texture, and make a classic cut feel brand new. It’s no surprise, then this will be an extremely popular look in spring. This spring we are all about turning flat, lack lustre hair into voluminous hair, that is full of secrets. To take care of the luscious locks, we recommend using a texture spray such as Goldwell’s Creative Texture texturizer on dry hair, which will keep it from falling flat. Available to purchase form our retail now.

The big chop

Drama is in this spring, and we are seeing a lot of clients keen on trying out some major hair transformations. Gone are the days of barely-there, just-the-dead-ends cuts. Clients don’t just want a trim anymore, now they are more open than ever to a major cut and even a cute fringe. As always we say that bobs will continue to remain big news and will dominate. The bob is simply a classic and there’s lots of different ways to wear it, to be specific we are predicting that it will be the blunt ‘boy’ bob that will be taking over spring’s haircut trends. The nicknamed ‘Boy Bob’ is characterised as a fuller take on the bob where the natural texture can roam free. Anything from chin to collarbone length works here. What’s important is the texture of the bob, it needs to feel a bit undone, nothing too rigid. We recommend air-drying when styling so it’s got a bit of movement in it. Also going nowhere is the French bob. But it will be a little more exaggerated, so expect shorter fringes with more flicks and bounce.

Micro bangs

This year it seems everyone and their mother are getting bangs now. This trend is partly due to them being just so flattering on most people. It not only adds dimension to round faces but if you have a strong jawline, it can also help soften it a bit. Micro bangs, aka baby bangs, are just one version of this cut. They’re the shorter cousin of a classic fringe; instead of grazing your brow or blending seamlessly into your layers, these bangs are usually only around one to two inches long. Micro bangs are a chic, bold cut, but they are not for the faint heat (PSA: if you thought growing out your bangs was and endless journey, micro bangs might not be for you). But if you want an edgy fringe that still shows off your eyebrows, this can be a fun and edgy trend to try out this spring.

Natural texture fringe

The standard fringe often gets a bad rep for being high-maintenance, but getting bangs doesn’t necessarily mean you’re signing up for endless styling. A newer trend for curly hair is to have bangs with natural texture. The same, natural vibe is also in for straight hair. One tip for those new to bangs is dry shampoo. Because they sit on your forehead, they tend to get oily very fast and will subsequently lay flat to your head. To keep your cut looking fresh, getting this oil under control with a trusty dry shampoo is critical. We recommend Goldwell’s Dualsense Ultra Volume Bodifying Dry Shampoo which refreshes the hair and makes it appear supple and loose.

Live-in shag

Mid-length styles are all the rage. They’re mostly translating as an effortless, lived-in look and the 70s-inspired shag is just one example. The cut is edgy, minus all the sharp angles. Plus, the shag combines the other spring trends, like texture, layers and bangs, all in the right ways. Still, before committing this look, make sure you consult your stylist before deciding on this switch. This cut can be flattering, but a practiced hand and an expert’s perspective will go a long way in getting it right for you.

Mid-length bob

Another trend that’s here to stay? Mid-length bobs, cut just above the shoulders. It’s a short style, ideal for warmer temperatures and upcoming summer holidays, but still has some length that provides movement. This hairstyle is proof that you can have versatility when wearing a short hairstyle. For those who want a more practical cut without sacrificing the options that come with longer locks, a mid-length bob could be the best of both worlds. This type of hairstyle works with all hair types, from straight to wavy, curly and natural, as well as all hair textures. It also flatters all face shapes and is less high-maintenance than long hair.

Blunt bob

Some things never change, and the blunt bob being the epitome of French chic is one of them. Really, who doesn’t want to channel French chic this spring? We’re going to start seeing bobs with blunt lines and sharp angles, so it may be a little harder to pull off because of this. Before going for it, we recommend booking in for a consultation and talking the style through with your hairstylist. Depending on your preferences, you might want to incorporate some softening layers.

Layered shapes and angles

There are going to be lots of layered shapes and angles, and it’s no wonder why they’re in for spring. These face-framing cuts keep your haircut flattering, and they can add an extra dimension of texture to any style. No matter what haircut you’re trying, it’s a good rule of thumb to ask your stylist about angles first. They really can make all the difference. You can expect long, soft layers and classic shapes in high demand.

Whilst some of us will go long and textured, others will switch things up and opt for the big chop. We will see more people going short and experimenting with fun pastel colours and textured styles. The ‘big chop’ will prove to mean many things to different people and we’ll see a beautiful array of shorter styles come through. We recommend experimenting this spring/summer but making sure you book in and have a thorough consultation with your stylist beforehand to ensure the look is perfectly tailored to your face shape and hair type and that you are going to be obsessed with your new look leaving the salon.