Our Caci Synergy + Launch Night

A Night of Beauty and Innovation

Our launch night was a celebration of beauty, science, and the incredible potential of CACI treatments. We were honoured to have Lucy, a CACI representative, join us to provide a live demonstration of the Synergy+ machine. The demo was conducted on our Salon Manager, Louisa, who has openly shared her lifelong struggles with her skin. Watching the transformation was nothing short of inspiring. After the facial, Louisa felt amazing, and the improvement in her skin was visibly striking. This event marked a significant milestone for our beauty salon as we expand our services with this revolutionary facial system.
The enthusiasm and curiosity on the night were palpable. Guests had the opportunity to learn about the scientific advancements behind CACI, see real-time results. As well as ask questions about how these treatments can benefit their skin. The atmosphere was filled with joy and anticipation as we toasted to the future of beauty at Buzby and Blue. Of course Nigel did ensure that not a single Prosecco glass was left empty for too long!

Caci Synergy+ Facials

The CACI Synergy+ is the latest and most advanced facial technology on the market. It is renowned for its ability to deliver fast and long-lasting results. This state-of-the-art system combines the power of LED light therapy with micro-current technology. Therefore, making it the ultimate solution for anti-aging, skin rejuvenation, and addressing problematic skin. With the innovative ‘SPED Dual Action Technology,’ it provides simultaneous skin rejuvenation and facial toning. As a result, this ensures our clients receive the best possible care.

With the CACI Synergy+, we can now offer a range of treatments tailored to all ages and skin types. Whether you’re looking to reduce wrinkle depth by up to 75% or improve skin elasticity by up to 88%. Our advanced facials can help you achieve your skincare goals. The feedback from our clients who attended the launch night has been overwhelmingly positive, with many booking their first CACI treatments there and then.
We are incredibly proud to bring this cutting-edge technology to Chichester and provide our clients with the highest standard of skincare treatments. The success of the launch night is just the beginning. We can’t wait to see the positive impact CACI Synergy+ will have on our clients’ skin and confidence.

In Case You Missed Our Event…

Thank you to everyone who attended and made the night so special. If you missed the event, don’t worry! You can still experience the transformative power of the CACI Synergy+ by booking an appointment with us. We look forward to helping you achieve radiant, youthful, and rejuvenated skin. Make sure you don’t miss out on our Summer Glow Up – Sun-Kissed Skin offer to get a FREE Caci facial add-on.