15 Valentine’s Day Hairstyles That Are Too Pretty to Not Try

Looking for an excuse to take your hair out of that greasy slicked ponytail you’ve been wearing all month (or year)? Valentine’s Day: Whether you’re celebrating with your partner or just chilling at home with your favourite takeaway and wine with friends/loved ones, it’s basically the perfect time to play around with your hair (think: super-sleek ponytails, soft beach waves, chunky braids, you know the drill). So grab your hairspray, flat iron, or curling wand, and start scrolling to find Valentine’s Day hairstyles that are perfect for you. These looks are made to impress.


More elevated than that standard half-up half-down look you’ve been wearing for years. This Valentine’s Day topknot is all about the sleek face-framing layers. Follow Shay Mitchell’s lead and go for a super-shiny texture with the help of a lightweight hair oil or finishing spray.

Curly updo

Keen to try some curly Valentine’s Day hairstyles? Slick your hair back and secure it at the very top of your head with a cute scrunchie or elastic. Bonus points for recreating this golden Smokey eye and glowy skin too.

Side-parted waves

For proof that curling your hair doesn’t mean super done-up curls, look toward these low-key waves for Valentine’s Day. Use a curling wand (it’s easier to control than an iron) and gently comb out your waves and part to the side.

Bun with a scrunchie

Looking for Valentine’s Day hairstyles that are nice and easy? Grab your biggest, prettiest scrunchie and gently twist your hair into a top knot. Pull out a few loose pieces in the front to finish off the look and if you want this look to feel a little more put together you can curl the front pieces in.

High ponytail

Try this high ponytail this Valentines, pull all of your hair up tightly and curl your ponytail. If you lack in the length area then simply grab a clip-in ponytail to add some easy length to your curls this Valentine’s Day. Lay your baby hairs with a fine tooth comb and hair wax and pop on some smokey eye makeup to tie it all together.

Double braids

In our opinion you can’t go wrong with a pair of chunky braids for Valentine’s Day. Pro tip: if your hair is on the finer side, spritz on some texturising spray to add a little grit and hold before you start braiding.

Sleek braid

Slick your hair back and go for a long, low braid this Valentine’s Day. It’s basically the perfect hairstyle if you’re trying to emphasise your makeup (I mean, how cute does it look with this neutral lip?)

Bobby pins

If you want to wear your hair down this Valentine’s Day, you can’t go wrong with this cute bobby pin hairstyle. Load up on shine-enhancing serums and slip on a few sparkly pins around your hairline. Easy, right?

Flat iron waves

If mastering flat iron waves has always been on your to do list, Valentine’s Day is the time to try it. Grab some heat protectant, a straightener and cue up a few YouTube tutorials to master this look.

Romantic bun

A cute option if you’re going for something a bit more classically romantic, this Valentine’s Day bun is made complete with a couple of loose tendrils. Don’t forget to lock in your look with a lightweight, flexible hold hairspray such as Goldwell’s Gold Hairspray.

Claw clip

The easiest way to make a low-maintenance, easy hairstyle look intentional for Valentine’s Day? Use a claw clip. Claw clips make for the perfect accessory and make any hairstyle look cuter whilst still being effortless and as if you just achieved your look in a matter of seconds (our secret…)

70s blowout

Ditch the sleek look this Valentine’s Day and try out this big, voluminous blowout for a 70s-inspired vibe. If multitasking with a hairdryer and round brush feels too complicated for you, try using a blowdryer brush instead.

Hair Clip

Presenting the prettiest Valentine’s Day hairstyle that looks like you put in way more effort than you actually did. Brush out your hair and run a curling wand through your ends, then part your hair and secure with a glitzy hair clip.

Sleek lob

If you need a reason to cut your hair this Valentine’s Day, why not consider this sleek little lob? Take cues from this gorgeous picture and part your hair right down the middle, finishing off the look with a shiny hair serum or oil.

Low bun

Is it just us or does this low bun basically scream “Valentine’s Day Hairstyle?” You can get as fancy or as low-key as you wish with this one, but we personally love the idea of leaving out a few face-framing pieces and softly curling them for good measure, just like how Emrata and Megan has here.