How to Get Beach Waves With a Flat Iron – The Easy Way

We get it: Sometimes you want loose, undone waves, but whipping out your curling iron just feels a little extra (see also: time-consuming, hard, annoying…). But what if we told you, you could create the perfect beach waves with a flat iron? Not only is it way easier than curling your hair, but it’s also a genius way to get just rolled-out-of-bed waves without having to watch 30 hours of YouTube tutorials to master. Instead, we have gathered seven game-changing hacks that’ll immediately turn you into a hair-straightener convert.
1. Add texture

Got fine hair that doesn’t hold or curl, or silky-soft texture with zero grip? Whether you’re working with freshly washed hair or you’re going on day three, prep for flat-iron beach waves with a healthy spray of dry shampoo. As with any heat styling, you’ll want to follow with a few spritzes of heat protectant to keep your hair nice and healthy. We don’t currently stock a dry shampoo in our retail but we do stock a range of heat protectants and this one by KMS is one of our personal faves. Not only does it provide great protection from heat styling but it also significantly reduces drying time and conditions the hair. This product is a must-have for us.

2. Create 'S' waves

If you’re after soft, lived-in waves (basically, the opposite of bouncy, Victoria’s Secret-esque curls), you’ll love this flat iron technique. Start by picking up a section of your hair and dropping it into the mouth of the flat iron to create your first bend. Then, with that same section, clamp your flat iron in the shape of an ‘S’ to finish off the piece. You’ll repeat this motion throughout your hair, focussing on your ends for a natural-looking finish. Run through your hair with your fingers using some serum to make the curls appear more natural and effortless and voila! Beautiful, natural-looking waves.

3. Try the twirl and pull method

For beachy waves that are slightly more defined, try the twirl-and-pull method. Holding your flat iron at an angle, insert an inch-wide section of hair between the clamps and turn the iron away from your face to create your first bend. Then, gently slide the iron a little way down the section of hair before twirling the iron away from your face again. You’ll repeat this method until you reach your ends, leave them relatively straight for an unfinished (yet cool) look. Once your entire head is done, run your fingers through the loose curls to make them more wave-like.

4. Twist away from your face

This technique is especially great for longer hair, since you can actually get a fairly bouncy wave out of it. Using a 1.25 inch wide flat iron, feed a 1 inch section of hair (starting close to the nape of your neck, eventually working up toward your hairline) between the clamps. From there, in one fluid motion, or else you’ll end up with crimps, twist your wrist away from your face so the hair flows over (not under) the iron. Make sure the hair continues to wrap around the flat iron’s shell as you pass through your ends. Pro tip: The smaller the section, the curlier your hair will be.

5. Bend your wrist

Don’t fancy a super time-consuming technique? This quick hack of simply bending your wrist back and forth will give you subtle beach waves. You’ll want to hold your hair out horizontally from your head and turn your wrist away as you pass through the section, then bend your wrist back toward your hair for some soft textures.

6. Start with a braid

An equally low-effort technique, this hack begins with a super-simple braid. After spritzing your braid with a heat protectant (like the one we recommended), gently run the flat iron over it a few times. When you undo your braid, you’ll be left with perfectly crimped beach waves.

7. Protect your waves with pin curls

If you’re going to take the time to create flat iron waves, you may as well make sure they last overnight, you don’t want to restyle your hair again in the morning after all. Before bed, roll 1 inch sections of your waves into loose pin curls, securing with a few bobby pins. When you wake up, gently remove the bobby pins and let your waves down.