8 Easy Hacks That Make Thin Hair Look Thicker

Lacking in the hair volume department? You’ve come to the right place. While body comes naturally to some, for others, volume can be frustratingly absent. Adding oomph to hair (without weighing it down), is all about creating the illusion of thickness, even if the real thing is hard to come by. Here, we are going to give you guys the expert hair hacks that our stylists use to make thin hair look thicker and fast.

Don't rely on shampoo and conditioner

You might be under the impression that voluminous hair starts with a volume-boosting shampoo and conditioner, but we say it’s more about what you don’t do at this stage. Using the wrong conditioner, or too much of it, can weigh hair down and make it feel flatter, which in turn will make it appear thinner. We’d advise against using hair masks and heavy conditioner, to help maintain volume and body.

It's all about a great haircut
The key to hair that looks as thick as possible? A great haircut, of course. A decent haircut is the foundation to any form of styling. You need shape and a graphic cut to be there first, otherwise, it’s a bit like a building without foundations. Badly cut hair won’t defy gravity, because its weight will pull it down. Without it, you can use any product or tool in the world and you’ll still struggle to create volume.
Ask for shorter pieces
Whether a grown-out fringe or some feathering around the face, incorporating some shorter hair at the front of your style can also help make hair look thicker. It helps elevate the feeling of thickness, versus anything flat, straight and curtain-like.
Make use of 'hair fillers'
It is common to struggle with thinning hair around the temples and sides of the head, especially as you get older. Filler hair pieces, or a patch of extensions at sides, can help to thicken it out a bit. Stealthily-placed hairpieces are ultra subtle and don’t have to look like the obvious hair extensions that have gotten a bad name.
Flip your parting
An easy and quick volumizing trick to change your parting and flip your hair over to the other side. A middle parting will always make hair look flatter – flipping it over is an easy way to add more body.
Tease hair at the crown
Remember backcombing? The age-old technique comes in handy when trying to create the illusion of thicker roots, but avoid doing it the old-school way with a comb. Get a mixed bristle brush and hold the hair up, pushing the brush downwards just behind the roots at the crown. It creates a Brigitte Bardot effect, and helps frame the eyes.
Find the right product for your hair

A new generation of hair mousses can really help add grift, lift and hold into roots, for a more voluminous effect. KMS add volume styling foam provides long-lasting body and style support and gives hair up to 70% more volume.

Blowdry upwards
When you blowdry your hair, ensure you direct the airflow underneath the root and upwards, rather than blowing down on top of the head. It’s little things like that which make a real difference when trying to make thin hair look thicker.